The item Engineeringtool is ingenious

The innovation award says it all 

The item Engineeringtool is ingenious

I for innovative, i for ingenious and i for item: item Industrietechnik GmbH is leading the way in digital engineering and has been presented with the “RHEINLAND GENIAL” (Ingenious Rhineland) innovation award. The pioneer of building kit systems for industrial applications won the award for developing the item Engineeringtool. The panel of judges described the tool as online 3D engineering software that represents a trailblazing innovation for the mechanical engineering sector on many levels, and which significantly reduces the time it takes for a solution to get from the design stage to practical use.

item is injecting maximum efficiency into lean production and supporting the continuous improvement process with the item Engineeringtool. By utilising cutting-edge web and cloud technology, the Solingen-based company is setting new standards for engineering based on building kit systems. The Metropolregion Rheinland association has now recognised this achievement with the “RHEINLAND GENIAL” innovation award. This coveted prize is given to carefully selected companies, organisations and institutions in the region that distinguish themselves with special products, services, technologies and inventions, and produce impressive innovations.

The best possible support for engineering

While a lot of time and therefore money goes into producing conventional CAD designs, engineering work undertaken in this new online tool can be completed quickly, easily and cost-effectively. Users design their racks and frames using the item MB Building Kit System and the item Lean Production Building Kit System, without the need for any additional software. The only requirement is a standard web browser and they can get straight down to work – anywhere and at any time. Rules-based 3D engineering ensures that Profile Tubes, fasteners and roller conveyors are perfectly combined and positioned at precisely the right place. The program is also highly intuitive to use. The intelligent software automatically adds fasteners, small parts such as screws and T-Slot Nuts, and machining steps such as drilling and thread tapping. An integrated plausibility check prevents components from being placed incorrectly. 

Sharing results worldwide and assembling components with ease

The digital tool is available in the most widely used languages and, because every project is assigned its own unique ID number, users can share their designs with colleagues all over the world. Engineering results are always reproducible and modifications can be made at any time. Complete documentation including CAD data, sketches, assembly guides and full parts lists can be generated at the touch of a button and users can order parts or systems directly online. The complete construction kit will be delivered within 72 hours. In the past, assembly of the construction kit put the experience and expertise of the fitter to the test, but the assembly guide generated by the item Engineeringtool now provides all the information needed. As a result, assembly can be completed quickly and easily. 

The item Engineeringtool is helping item pave the way to digital engineering and the engineer of the future. “We are very proud of the innovation award and the recognition it represents for our work on digital engineering,” says Christian Thiel, a product manager and online tools expert at item. “We see this sign of appreciation as encouragement to continue doing everything we can to meet customer requirements even more fully.”

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Date: 8 February 2021

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Caption 1: Product manager Christian Thiel accepts the “RHEINLAND GENIAL” innovation award on behalf of item Industrietechnik GmbH.

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