Speeding up planning and optimising material supply

ipolog and the Engineeringtool from item simplify material zone planning in assembly 

With an ever-growing diversity of products and variants leading to frequent bottlenecks on the material area, material supply is playing an increasingly important role in assembly and manufacturing operations. Using the right software, the supply of materials in these operations can be easily enhanced. This is where the planning and optimisation software ipolog comes in, making material zone planning more efficient and transparent. Thanks to the connected item Engineeringtool, users can select and configure material supply racks at the touch of a button.

Keen to make the best possible use of resources and material areas, more and more companies are turning their attention to material supply processes in assembly and manufacturing. A duo of tools is offering the ideal solution to satisfy these growing needs and speed up planning. Using ipolog, a software program specially developed for production and logistics, companies can shape, visualise and simulate assembly and logistics processes efficiently, transparently and with ease. This software deploys intelligent algorithms to help users optimise material supply processes in assembly and production, thereby reducing the amount of time required for planning. Thanks to the connection to the item Engineeringtool, this task will become even easier in the future. “With the ipolog software and the connected, directly accessible item Engineeringtool, planning custom material zones is incredibly straightforward and convenient,” says Christian Thiel, product manager for online tools at item.

A symbiosis offering true-to-scale visualisations of factory equipment

2D and 3D visualisations in ipolog give an idea of what the end result will look like and make it easier to coordinate with decision-makers and service providers. Offering genuine efficiency, the solution works with true-to-scale representations of the actual factory equipment used. For this purpose, existing 3D models of racks, containers, environments and other objects can be imported from CAD programs, or models can be added straight from the catalogue in the ipolog software. The planning process is straightforward when using factory equipment based on item building kit systems. Standard FIFO racks from item are integrated directly into the ipolog catalogue for immediate use. Chosen templates can be opened with just one click and tailored to the precise requirements of the user. The project documentation built into the item Engineeringtool – encompassing everything from the parts list and the dimensioned rendering through to the assembly instructions for the configured factory equipment – provides all necessary information. As a result, users no longer have to worry about time-consuming manual follow-up work. What’s more, the connection to the item Online Shop also enhances the subsequent procurement process.


Users benefit thoroughly from this collaboration. The software-supported planning of material supply processes ensures users achieve their goals faster, delivers better results thanks to smart algorithms, and even makes it easier to procure and integrate factory equipment. A whole host of steps become more efficient, space is used to its full potential and waste is reduced. “The combination of ipolog and the item Engineeringtool means users can plan with the right material supply racks from an early stage and make the downstream procurement and fitting processes incredibly faster,” Thiel sums up. 

This webinar® recording provides a full overview (in German) of the item Engineeringtool and ipolog.

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Date: 02 September 2020

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Caption 1: The software supports true-to-scale visualisations of factory equipment.

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