Audi uses item components for state-of-the-art intralogistics

Versatile material supply trolleys made from aluminium profiles 

The exceptionally flexible modular design of material supply trolleys made from item aluminium profiles is helping AUDI AG in Neckarsulm, Germany, with its highly complex material supply operations. Automated guided vehicle (AGV) systems are used during production of the Audi A8, autonomously transferring item material supply trolleys from the warehouse to the assembly facility. The 200 or so trolleys made using components from the item building kit systems combine maximum storage space with a minimal footprint. They are compact and sturdy, but also extremely versatile, which means they can easily adapt to new production requirements whenever necessary. A further benefit lies in the ergonomic design of the incredibly lightweight structures.  

Production processes in the automotive sector need to be fast, smooth and efficient – a challenging combination. The growing number of vehicles with different features and extras makes new material supply, provisioning and picking solutions vital. 

Modular supply trolleys for efficient material transport

The Audi A8 warehouse and production line at AUDI AG’s Neckarsulm site are located separately and on different floors. Goods lifts and automated guided vehicle systems transport components for vehicle production from the warehouse to the second floor. The company was looking for a system that made the best possible use of the lifts’ floor area and was compatible with the automated guided vehicles. It also needed to be both sturdy and adaptable. AUDI AG presented these requirements to its long-standing partner, item Industrietechnik GmbH. The Solingen-based company – which had already provided Audi with countless Karakuri/LCA applications, machine enclosures and other solutions based on item profile technology – designed and delivered a total of 200 material supply trolleys, built using components from the item building kit systems. With a footprint of 120 cm x 120 cm, the frame is made from aluminium profiles, including appropriate fasteners and four Swivel Castors. Uneven surfaces are no problem for the durable connections between the individual components. Each material supply trolley is configured for a specific task and can hold up to 24 components on a single surface. Following picking, automated guided vehicle systems transport the trolleys to the assembly facility’s production areas so that the components are available to assemble as and when required. If production requirements change, the trolleys can be adapted in next to no time. Further advantages of the item material supply trolleys include their low weight, ESD safety and ergonomic design. In addition to having built-in turning and drawer systems, numerous trolleys can be configured on both sides. It is also easy to retrofit the modular systems with components such as Tablet Holders or additional transport fixings.

All these benefits of the highly versatile system from item mean AUDI AG’s Neckarsulm site is ideally equipped for current and future requirements.

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Date: 18 March 2020

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Caption 1 + 2 + 3: item material supply trolleys made from components in the item building kit systems are compatible with AUDI AG’s automated guided vehicles and support flexible configuration.

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