New functions make the item Engineeringtool even easier to use

Online engineering made even more convenient

Clearly structured, reliable and user-friendly, the new functions of the item Engineeringtool offer additional support to engineers designing factory equipment and machine frames. When using this mechanical engineering software, a click or tap is now all it takes to quickly switch between specific views – from side to plan view, for example – rotating and flipping the display to look at projects from all sides. What’s more, the catalogue’s new list view provides a better overview of the products and the effects of the product filters. The latest version of the online software automatically positions Hinges from the item MB Building Kit System at the correct angle. The same applies to designs with Ball Joint Fasteners and roller conveyors. Clear coordinate dimensioning thanks to a fixed zero point is another plus, making it far easier to handle complex engineering tasks that involve exporting designs to a CAD system for further processing.


The rules-based functions of the item Engineeringtool simplify the 3D engineering of factory equipment, assemblies and frames. A large number of components from the item MB Building Kit System and the item Lean Production Building Kit System are available for selection. The latest update has added numerous new functions to the intelligent online tool. For example, users can choose from various views of their design and switch to a different perspective whenever they want. A 3D cube at the edge of the screen makes light work of setting the precise viewing angle required. The catalogue’s user-friendly new list view is also very clearly structured. The effects of the product filters are immediately apparent and technical data is easier to compare, which means users can find the right product far faster. Furthermore, the option of specifying whether the raised edge of flanged wheels should be on the right or left means frames with roller conveyors can now be adapted during the engineering process. 

Appropriate angles and an activated origin

If a construction is being fitted with Hinges, Ball Joint Fasteners or roller conveyors, the item Engineeringtool independently sets the appropriate angles. When working in a CAD system, users have to define the angle themselves. When using the item Engineeringtool, on the other hand, they simply add the relevant profiles to a start point on their design and then drag them via an operating element to their end point. The program automatically indicates the correct angle and the necessary profile length. 

In the new version, a fixed zero point can be defined to perfectly align all the components in a design, thereby enabling clear coordinate dimensioning. 

Clear explanation of all functions

Continuous additions and revisions to the item Engineeringtool are geared to the requirements of engineers and planners. Users automatically have access to the new functions, so there is no need to update any software manually. The change log provides an overview of all modifications and further developments. Automatic alerts indicate when information about updates is available. Video clips in the online help show how to use the program and provide guidance on everything from project engineering, administration, documentation and CAD export through to placing an order via the cart.

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Date: 21 April 2020

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Caption 1: With the new version of the item Engineeringtool, users can choose from various views of their design and switch to a different perspective whenever they want.

Caption 2: The list view makes it easier to compare technical data.

Caption 3: The item Engineeringtool automatically sets the appropriate angles for designs using Hinges, Ball Joint Fasteners and roller conveyors.

Caption 4: The online help explains all functions of the item Engineeringtool in a way that is easy to understand.

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