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What would it be like if engineering work could just be done online? Try it out! Digital engineering with the item Engineeringtool will make your work faster and easier.

Experience free, rules-based 3D engineering direct in your browser, with no need for expensive additional software – a simple and intuitive solution.

Do you need sketches, installation guides or CAD data? No problem! Get all project documentation and CAD data in the format you need at the touch of a button.

Maximum efficiency all the way to the checkout – simply convert your project into a shopping cart full of articles and place your order directly online.

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Defining profile machinings and the creation of machining drawings is time-consuming? Not anymore!

The item Machiningtool includes a profile finder, which finds easy and safe the right profile for your application.

Interactive and intuitive 3D-technology enables you to mount fasteners and machinings at your aluminium profile – accurate to the very last millimeter.On the page “Result” you can check your project, make the decision to add fasteners and accessories to your shopping card.

As a special highlight, you can create a complete 2D-machining drawing – automatically!

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The Work Bench Configurator

Productivity and ergonomics in one – item work benches are based on robust, height-adjustable benches that you configure with Uprights and a whole range of accessories for any and all tasks.

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SystemMobile Configurator

The solution for any transport task – item SystemMobiles are specialist solutions for intralogistics processes and mobile racks. Use this configurator to pick out and place accessories at the touch of a button.

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item MotionDesigner®

Automation perfectly coordinated – use the item MotionDesigner® selection and design tool to find the perfect combination of Linear Unit, Motor and Controller to suit your transport task.

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Stairway/Platform Query Assistant

Make the most of your space – by using the item Stairway/Platform System to build custom bridges and raised working platforms. The Query Assistant helps you find a solution in next to no time to satisfy all standards and statutory requirements.

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