Frame Building Service

For those who wish to benefit from taking receipt of fully assembled frameworks in order to concentrate on their own speciality, we can build your frame, guard or slide for you, whilst you concentrate on the part that you do best. We have a team of technicians who are dedicated to building frameworks using the Item MB System so that quality of build and speed of delivery remain at the forefront of our minds.

Dedicated Technicians

Machine Building Systems have a team of technicians building various frameworks, linear slides and machine guards with the Item system full time. This provides our customers with peace of mind knowing that if they choose to have MBS build their assembly then it will be built with a level of expertise unmatched by any in the industry. 

Excellent Build Quality

This expertise ensures that no corners are cut and you can rest assured that the build quality is of the highest standard. 

Quick Deliveries

This focused approach, combined with dedicated machines for standard processing operations, leads to fast delivery times without compromising quality.  This allows our customers to concentrate on their areas of expertise.

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