Enhanced stability, light and organisation at industrial work benches

New components for the item Work Bench System

Creating ergonomic, efficient and customisable work benches – this is what item strives to achieve when it comes to developing components for industrial work benches in manual production. The latest new products from the Solingen-based company represent yet another upgrade in terms of work bench design. For example, the new Carrier Rail Fastening Sets 8 – paired with the appropriate carrier rails – offer maximum stability for workpiece carriers and containers, which can be easily integrated into frames and stacked in a perfect arrangement. The new LED Light Fittings E, meanwhile, ensure sufficient lighting at the work bench without dazzling users. These compact Light Fittings, which can be steplessly rotated 360°, also help save energy. Other innovations created for the item Work Bench System include Double Hook 8 40×20, Tool Block 320×160 with a matching Tray, expanded Table Column Sets, and a lockable single Drawer.

When it comes to designing work benches in production, ergonomics and efficiency play a key role. Perfectly tailored to user requirements, the Work Bench System from item provides staff with optimum support as they carry out their work and significantly boosts productivity. The global market leader in building kit systems for industrial applications recently added the Carrier Rail Fastening Sets 8 to its portfolio. In conjunction with item carrier rails, these sets create a stable solution for storing workpiece carriers and containers in transport trolleys and frames. It doesn’t take long to attach them to the profile frame. What is more, the built-in ramp ensures users can load and unload parts safely and comfortably, which makes light work of stacking any inherently stable containers or crates. No storage shelves are required, meaning the dead weight of transport trolleys is significantly reduced. Carrier Rail Fastening Sets 8 are available in different designs, either with a stop at the back to keep transport containers in place or without a stop to enable users to load and unload materials from both sides of the frame.

Optimum lighting for the work environment

The new item LED Light Fittings E feature a diffusor panel, a microprism cover and an energy-saving light source with a lighting strength of over 1000 Lux, which ensure work bench users benefit from bright, even and glare-free lighting. These durable Light Fittings are available in three lengths (600, 850 and 1100 mm) and can be steplessly rotated 360°.

Enhanced organisation and a better overview

The new Double Hook 8 40×20 makes it possible to arrange tools with a T-grip perfectly at the work bench. This Hook can be quickly fitted into a Line 8 profile groove. Turning the Automatic T-Slot Nut 90 degrees locks the Double Hook into place, but it can be taken back out again just as easily. Moreover, the product can be ideally combined with the item toolpanel®. Together with other item Hooks and Holders, this item solution offers a perfectly coordinated, ergonomic system for the flexible and structured supply of working materials at assembly benches. The new Tool Block 320×160 also provides a better overview of tools at the work bench. In this block of plastic, which has a grid printed on it, users can perfectly arrange their drills, countersinks, thread taps, bits and other accessories. When used in conjunction with Tray 8 Tool Block 320×160, the Tool Block can be easily fixed in the groove of Line 8 profiles.

Further additions to the portfolio are the electrical Table Column Sets for one or three Table Columns to raise or lower work benches in parallel, as well as the lockable single Drawer S1 H70. The latter can either be fitted underneath a tabletop or attached to profiles and enables valuable working materials and personal items to be stored safely and securely.

All the latest work bench products can be found online here.

Length: 3.965

Date: 6 May 2020

Photos: 3 (all images – Source: item)

Caption 1: Paired with the appropriate item carrier rails, the new item Carrier Rail Fastening Sets 8 create a stable solution for storing workpiece carriers and containers in transport trolleys and frames.

Caption 2: LED Light Fittings E from item provide bright, even and glare-free lighting at the work bench.

Caption 3: Also new to the portfolio for the item Work Bench System are the electrical Table Column Sets for one or three Table Columns to raise or lower work benches in parallel.

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