Streamlining configuration and engineering processes with digital solutions

item at SPS IPC Drives

item Industrietechnik GmbH is heading to SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg to showcase its latest products and demonstrate just how much digitalisation means to the company. The next generation of item MotionDesigner® and item MotionSoft® now enables users to choose, design and commission cantilever axes that can be used as a Z axis in handling systems, for pick-and-place tasks in multiple-axis gantries and much more besides. Extra digital support comes in the shape of the item Engineeringtool, which makes online rules-based 3D engineering intuitive – no special training or expensive additional software needed. This intelligent software covers all components in the MB Building Kit System and automatically positions the appropriate fasteners. Visitors can see for themselves just what item systems can do at Stand 551 in Hall 1.

Digitalisation is a real hit at item. The Solingen-based company has once again enhanced its item MotionDesigner® selection and configuration software. The online tool now supports the reliable design of cantilever axes. In these systems, the carriage is fixed firmly in place, with the linear unit moving instead to perform pick-and-place tasks, for example. The racks used in the Line 8 profile groove of the cantilever axis ensure excellent rigidity, even in vertical applications. item MotionDesigner® automatically calculates the maximum support span that must not be exceeded if the system is to run smoothly. Complex calculations are thus a thing of the past, which significantly speeds up the engineering process. As the integration of the cantilever axes leads to a high level of positioning accuracy, complex tasks such as in 3D printing and the execution of weld seams can also be configured. item MotionSoft® software has also been revamped and enhanced for commissioning cantilever axes. As usual, data is taken directly from item MotionDesigner®.

The digital Engineeringtool from item

item has developed the Engineeringtool so it can offer mechanical engineers the best possible support. This software covers all profiles in the MB Building Kit System, the associated fastening technology and corresponding floor elements and Caps. It knows the characteristics of all components, delivering complete 3D engineering via a user-friendly module. The Engineeringtool generates end-to-end project documentation, including an installation guide. Users also receive all the CAD data they need and can order systems and plants directly online. With no need for additional software, special induction training or previous knowledge, users work directly in their browser – and can share their designs with colleagues across the entire globe. 

The digital future – opportunities and risks

item has recognised the signs of the times and is continuously advancing digitalisation within its own business. But what practical gains does digital engineering have to offer? In its latest study, the market leader in building kit systems for industrial applications shows which challenges the sector is facing and which opportunities are being opened up by digital work processes. 

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Date: 06 September 2018


Caption 1: item has once again enhanced its MotionDesigner® selection and configuration software.

Caption 2: The latest generation of item MotionDesigner® and item MotionSoft® now enables users to choose, design and commission cantilever axes.

Caption 3: Even complex sequences can be configured, as the integration of the cantilever axes ensures the automation solution can be positioned with pinpoint accuracy.

item Industrietechnik GmbH

item Industrietechnik GmbH is a global market leader in building kit systems for industrial applications and employs around 500 members of staff. It has been designing and marketing construction solutions for machinery, fixtures and plants since 1976. The product portfolio comprises more than 3,500 high-quality components designed for use in machine bases, work benches, automation solutions and lean production applications. Thanks to the inclusion of transport solutions and dynamic elements, the company’s products can cover virtually all working processes, from manual production to automated manufacturing. The highly skilled employees work day-in, day-out to develop innovative solutions for state-of-the-art mechanical engineering and also offer exceptional consulting services. item is headquartered in Solingen, Germany. Eleven branches and support centres ensure the company is always close to customers in Germany. The group has wholly owned subsidiaries in the USA, China, Mexico, Italy, Poland and Switzerland.

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