Pivot Arm 8 from item – Friction Joints ensure maximum flexibility

Award-winning system for stowing tools and supplying materials

The manual industrial work bench – the place responsible for the biggest share of value creation – has a very special significance. However, for users to stay focused and motivated, the work bench needs to be perfectly equipped. That’s why item offers ready-to-install Pivot Arms in a range of designs that can be used to position all kinds of equipment and digital aids so they are always within easy reach and in the perfect place. The freely adjustable friction in the joint means staff can position the Pivot Arms to suit their needs precisely, thus delivering maximum efficiency and outstanding work bench ergonomics.

item Pivot Arms and Double Pivot Arms 8 ensure that tools, containers, trays and other resources can be made available at work benches in an ergonomic configuration to suit the user’s specific requirements. The item Work Bench System offers Friction Joints that can be adapted quickly and easily to account for individual needs and different working scenarios, without having to make any compromises on safety. The friction torque can be adjusted with absolute precision so that the Pivot Arm can be moved ergonomically and without much effort while nevertheless remaining stable and staying in the required position. The perfect balance of Pivot Arm 8 ensures ergonomic handling for employees and a reliable hold. If required, the resistance can be adjusted, as users are not tied to a fixed friction torque. If people with different ergonomic requirements working in different shifts are using the same work bench, for example, the friction can be flexibly altered. 

Double Pivot Arm 8 has an extended working radius. It can be used, for example, to position containers holding small parts exactly over the working surface and at an angle that suits the employee’s specific requirements. Heavy-duty Pivot Arms with a load-carrying capacity of up to 40 kilos are also available for heavy loads, thus ensuring item meets all types of requirements.


Preconfigured Pivot Arms and individual Friction Joints can be ordered directly in the item Online Shop. There is also the option of combining individual components to create special customised Pivot Arms. What’s more, the Pivot Arms are compatible with the components in the tried-and-tested item MB Building Kit System. The Friction Joints and Pivot Arms from item have won the Red Dot Design Award and the German Design Award.

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Date: 18 September

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Image captions:The ready-to-install Pivot Arms from item can be used to position all kinds of equipment and digital aids, thanks to the freely adjustable friction in the joint, so that they are always within easy reach and in the perfect place. 

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