New version of configuration software with extended range of functions

More user-friendly, improved technical details and clearer ranking. One year on from the official market launch of the turnkey automation solution item linear motion units®, item Industrietechnik has extended the range of functions of the associated design and selection software item MotionDesigner®. The online tool analyses requirements, using them to create the optimum combination of Linear Unit, Motor and Controller. Besides giving users the option to generate a CAD model of their chosen item linear motion unit®, the extended version of the program also allows them to export this model to the Download Center on the item website, from where they can download it or use direct insertion drivers to incorporate it into their engineer’s CAD system. 

The new version of item MotionDesigner® has a more user-friendly interface that speeds up the process of defining and linking together details to specify transport tasks, such as loads and motions. What’s more, item has overhauled the way the various combination options are ranked, ensuring users can pick out the optimum item linear motion unit® straight away. By specifying technical information in more detail, the latest version of the software supports a more accurate assessment of how closely the units satisfy requirements and their overall performance. This eliminates sources of error from the very outset, thereby considerably reducing the risks associated with the project. item MotionDesigner® uses the data that has been entered to generate a CAD model of the item linear motion units® and immediately exports this model to the Download Center on the item website. From there, it can be downloaded and saved in any file format. Alternatively, the CAD model can be loaded into the engineer’s CAD system straight away using direct insertion drivers. This means the engineering data for the configured solution is available directly for subsequent machine design stages. There is therefore no need to create a new drawing, which saves time and money. What’s more, users can see the dimensions of the construction right away and can make improvements directly, as necessary. CAD data from other item products can also be collected together and utilised in the CAD download section. 

Since the entire item linear motion unit® system is to be made available on the international market in future, a few languages have been added, too. English, Italian, French and Spanish are now also supported alongside German.

Software that is always up to date

Intelligent item MotionDesigner® selection and design software can be used to configure linear motion units® as automation solutions in just a few steps. The system uses an input mask to query technical specifications. Once the customer has specified basic conditions, the mounting location and the motion profile for the transport task in question, the program runs through thousands of possible combinations to find potentially suitable item linear motion units® as a turnkey solution. item MotionDesigner® is web-based and does not need to be installed locally. The software is therefore always up to date.


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