New Rollers and Slide Strips from item Lean production just got leaner – with a better overview and less wear

Karakuri / low-cost automation is based on components that move purely by using mechanical energy. Very high demands are placed on the carriages used in automated processes, which need to be both robust and easy-running. That’s why item has developed the ball-bearing Roller D30/D6-16 T1. It is extremely strong, generates very little friction and runs smoothly and freely – even when transporting heavy loads. The new coloured Slide Strips D30 are another addition to the Lean Production Building Kit System from item that makes it even easier to build better constructions. Colour coding factory equipment makes it easier to differentiate parts and materials and thus make workflows even more efficient. 

Safety, precision and clarity – item is supporting users with new products designed for lean production. Take Rollers D30/D6-16 T1, for instance, which reduce wear on transport trolleys in Karakuri / low-cost automation applications. The friction on the cylindrical rollers changes only marginally under load, which enables carriages and other moving components to move precisely and smoothly. Preassembled Roller Set 8 D30-30 T1 with T-Slot Nut 8 can be fitted to a Profile Tube 8 D30 quickly and easily, enabling users to build even complex constructions in next to no time. The combination of Rollers D30/D6-16 T1 with Rollers D30/D6-16 stops carriages from jamming, making it an ideal solution for transporting light loads. This ensures Karakuri applications can be perfectly controlled using gravity. Thanks to the slight indentation on the contact surface of Roller D30/D6-16, Profile Tubes 8 D30 make the ideal guide rails. 


More colours – better differentiation

item is offering Slide Strips D30 in seven different colours to help users create frames and conveyor lines that can be easily distinguished from each other. They are simply clipped onto Profile Tubes, which also means they are easy to replace. On the one hand, these low-friction Slide Strips protect the profiles. On the other, the different colours are a useful visual tool for differentiating between containers with different contents or various working processes. For example, employees can see immediately which transport trolleys the rejects are stored in and where the finished products are held. This form of visual management boosts process efficiency.

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