New concept from item: Greater flexibility for staff and production with ergolean

Lean and ergonomic production – item shows how it’s done with Table Column Set 4 80×40 H and 4 D40 H. Both products are perfect examples of ergolean applications. The Table Column Set does not require an electric drive and supports stepless height adjustment, satisfying ergonomic and lean production principles. Applying these principles not only saves money but also increases flexibility. More ergolean products are already at the planning stage.

ergolean combines the principle of lean production with ergonomic aspects. One specific example of this innovative approach is the Table Column Set for stepless height adjustment from item. It consists of one pump unit and four table columns with the external geometry of Profile 8 80×40 or D40. A hydraulic cylinder and telescopic table legs made of Profile Tube D30 are integrated into the profile. It can accommodate a maximum static load of 2500 N and a maximum dynamic load of 1500 N. The height of the work bench can be steplessly adjusted by up to 300 mm using a crank handle that can be folded away after use to save space. The Table Column Set is delivered ready to use and can be combined with other components from the item MB Building Kit System. The product is perfect for mobile work benches and environments without an electricity supply, ensuring that even staff in these situations can benefit from ergonomic height adjustment and adapt to different process heights. To match the Table Column Set, item offers a wide product portfolio of countless compatible components for ergonomic and lean production. The end result is faster and more efficient working processes, increased productivity, reduced costs and healthy employees.

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