New Angle Fasteners and T-Slot Sliders from item – small but mighty factory equipment

Extremely robust, strong and versatile – the new Angle Fasteners and T-Slot Sliders from the item MB Building Kit System are certainly impressive. These new forms of factory equipment enable users to enhance their constructions even further. The new Angle Fasteners, for example, provide frames with extra support by helping to integrate 45° struts for added stability and strength. Much like the Angle Fasteners, the T-Slot Sliders 8 for Corner-Fasteners 8 32×18 can also be retrofitted. With the groove in the frame functioning as a guide, they can be easily used to construct folding doors – further expanding the range of practical modular components from item. They can even be retrofitted to extend and modify existing constructions as required.

One stable, one movable – the new additions to the item MB Building Kit System are now available, offering users yet more opportunities to optimise their constructions. Frames, for instance, can be easily reinforced with Angle Fasteners that create 45° struts when combined with Line 6 and 8 aluminium profiles – no mitre cuts required. The Angle Fasteners are simply screwed into the core bore of the profile to produce a diagonal strut that will significantly increase the rigidity of a frame. Users can integrate these components retrospectively at any time, too. But that’s not all – there is another small addition to the item MB Building Kit System that is just as impressive. 

The new T-Slot Sliders 8 for Corner-Fasteners 8 32×18 and the tried-and-tested Clamp Profiles 8 32×18 can create space-saving folding doors in next to no time. Here, the frame profile’s existing Line 8 system groove serves as a guide. The plastic slider is inserted into the slot entirely by hand, with no tools required. The matching hinge insert is also easy to install. The insert integrates into the folding door’s existing corner connection and clips onto the T-Slot Slider, producing a secure and rotating locking arrangement. This new component from item offers users a cost-effective and user-friendly way to build folding doors – without any need for tools, special additional profiles or time-consuming modifications. 

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