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item Tablet Holder and Tablet Arm

Using the new item products Tablet Arm 8 and Tablet Holder 8, workers in industrial environments can easily position their mobile devices, tilt them however they wish and rotate them 360°, meaning they never lose sight of the information they need. Whether on stationary work benches or mobile transport trolleys, there are countless mounting options thanks to the Line 8 system groove. Featuring a stable clamping mechanism designed for tablets ranging from 7 to 13 inches in size, the new components have a secure hold but allow users to remove their tablet in no time, too.  

The new Tablet Arm 8 and Tablet Holder 8 from item enable employees to set up their work bench exactly how they need it to be. These products can be moved along the Line 8 system groove both horizontally and vertically, ensuring users can access information at various points – no matter whether they’re stationary or moving with a material trolley, for instance. 

Tilt, tip, rotate – the perfect alignment for mobile devices

Users can choose between the new item Tablet Holder 8 with three joints and the item Tablet Arm 8 with five joints for positioning their mobile devices. The Double Pivot Arm and the extra Friction Joints provide additional flexibility, making it even easier to achieve the desired position. Both variants allow users to tilt their tablet however they desire and rotate it 360°, ensuring they always have a perfect view of the screen and can switch between landscape and portrait format in next to no time. Thanks to the clamping mechanism, tablets of different sizes can be fitted with ease. Both ends of the clamp open in sync, making it simple to mount and remove mobile devices. A built-in spring mechanism makes sure the tablet is held securely and stops it slipping. The new components also feature a mechanical removal locking device to safeguard against unauthorised access. 

All in all, the new Tablet Holder and Tablet Arm from item offer the ideal tool for ergonomically structuring and arranging industrial work benches.

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As at: 24 September 2018

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Caption 1: The new Tablet Holder can be tilted and rotated as required, making sure users always have a perfect view of the screen.

Caption 2: Thanks to the clamping device, tablets of different sizes can be fitted onto the new Tablet Arm with ease.

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