item sets new standards for automated linear technology

Thanks to its newly developed software programs, item MotionDesigner® and item MotionSoft®, the Solingen-based company is providing an end-to-end system for customised automation solutions. 

The item linear motion unit® is a portfolio of more than 60 individual components – Motors, Controllers, Gearboxes and cables. All are fully coordinated and mutually compatible. 

item MotionDesigner®, which can be used directly through a web browser, calculates the optimum combination of components by translating a transport activity formulated by a customer into a ready-to-use turnkey solution. This all-in-one solution is then delivered pre-configured and ready to install. item MotionSoft®, meanwhile, is an intuitive program that users download and which guides them through the installation of the entire system in just a few minutes.

It checks all available data that has been saved from MotionDesigner® and calculates the correct Controller settings so that the item linear motion unit® can be commissioned automatically. The calculation algorithm takes into account technical parameters such as operating load, stroke, speed and the dynamic requirements over the service life of the Linear Unit. 

Simple and fast – automation for cross-sector applications

Thanks to the online software solutions from item, installing and commissioning Linear Units is set to become an exceptionally straightforward task. Whether for mechanical engineering, testing technology or laser applications, linear technology from item is suitable for all purposes and sectors. The optimum solution is calculated for the application in question. The new product line offers significant benefits for plant engineers aiming to develop a smart factory, who don’t need specialist expertise in order to benefit from customised, ready-to-install and self-learning Linear Units. Project risks are significantly reduced. Thanks to programmable motion profiles that can be stored in the Controller, there is often no need to use an additional PLC (programmable logic controller). The end result is that operating processes become more efficient and errors are reduced to a minimum. The item linear motion units® will go on sale in Germany at the end of November 2016 and will be rolled out on the European market over the course of 2017. 

Date:          22 November 2016 

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