item extends the Engineeringtool and item MotionDesigner®: New functions and components for added convenience and more efficiency

Using innovative and practical solutions to stay bang up to date is a key aim of item Industrietechnik GmbH – one that it achieves by continuously developing its online tools. item MotionDesigner® selection and configuration software, for instance, now covers cantilever axes, enabling users to rapidly configure even complex linear units where the carriage is fixed firmly in place and the linear axis moves instead. item has added new products to its Engineeringtool, too, with users now able to choose from even more Fastening Sets, Angle Brackets and Flat Brackets to increase the stability of their constructions. Moreover, additional functions enhance the working process and make it easier to use two screens at the same time.

 The new generation of item MotionDesigner® provides engineers with direct support when it comes to selecting, designing and commissioning cantilever axes. This type of component is used, for example, as a Z axis in handling systems and for pick-and-place tasks in multi-axis gantries. Unlike a more conventional system, the carriage remains firmly fixed in place, with the linear unit moving instead. Thanks to the high level of positioning accuracy, even complex applications can be configured, such as 3D printing operations and the execution of weld seams. item MotionDesigner® takes care of all the necessary calculations, generating the ideal combination of Linear Unit, Gearbox, Motor and Controller in just a few seconds. This software package also indicates the maximum support span, thereby ensuring safe, error-free operation. The support span is automatically included in the project documentation alongside other technical data, meaning engineers no longer have to do the maths themselves.

 New components and functions in the Engineeringtool

The digital Engineeringtool from item now includes even more components and functions. Angle Brackets and Flat Brackets, for instance, can now be used in 3D engineering tasks to reinforce frames and boost rigidity. The item Engineeringtool works closely with the item Online Shop. Users can compare products directly in the Online Shop and then simply drag and drop their chosen components onto their design. This function is particularly beneficial when using two screens, and makes working processes faster and more efficient.

The item Engineeringtool generates comprehensive project documentation that includes machining drawings and an assembly guide. Users can log in from any PC with an internet connection, and access saved data. The item Engineeringtool is now available in 41 countries, with Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia being the latest additions to the list. The software package can be used anywhere directly from the web, giving project teams a quick and easy means of sharing information and engineering results.


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 Caption 1: The integration of cantilever axes means item MotionDesigner® can now also be used to configure complex linear units in double-quick time.

 Caption 2: The item Engineeringtool enables project teams in 41 countries to quickly and easily access information and share engineering results.

 Caption 3: The updated versions of these online tools provide an even more user-friendly and efficient experience.

item Industrietechnik GmbH

item Industrietechnik GmbH is a global market leader in building kit systems for industrial applications and employs around 500 members of staff. It has been designing and marketing construction solutions for machinery, fixtures and plants since 1976. The product portfolio comprises more than 3,500 high-quality components designed for use in machine bases, work benches, automation solutions and lean production applications. Thanks to the inclusion of transport solutions and dynamic elements, the company’s products can cover virtually all working processes, from manual production to automated manufacturing. The highly skilled employees work day-in, day-out to develop innovative solutions for state-of-the-art mechanical engineering and also offer exceptional consulting services. item is headquartered in Solingen, Germany. Eleven branches and support centres ensure the company is always close to customers in Germany. The group has wholly owned subsidiaries in the USA, China, Mexico, Italy, Poland and Switzerland.

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