item expands its Automation System

Absolute encoder Motors and enhanced software 

The new servomotors with absolute encoders from item are flexible, save time and achieve maximum precision, thus helping engineers create smart automation solutions. Following a one-off homing measurement, the position of the carriage is stored and can be accessed at any time, which even makes it easy to implement applications that have higher demands in terms of motion profiles. Thanks to the absolute encoder, for example, several linear axes can be combined to form gantry solutions. Users therefore benefit from an automation solution perfectly tailored to their needs. The digital programs item MotionDesigner® and item Motionsoft® ensure systems are correctly configured and quickly brought into operation.

Featuring an integrated capacitive multiturn absolute encoder, the servomotor SE AK provides precise measurements of the motor shaft, which ensures the position of a linear unit’s carriage is known at all times. The Motor doesn’t need to complete a homing run each time the system is restarted, as this has already been taken care of when the system was first set up. The measured value is saved directly in the Motor and can be accessed immediately when the system is switched on. This enables users to create even complex structures with a difficult-to-reach homing point. item Motors SE AK come in three sizes (40, 60 and 80 mm) – with or without a holding brake. They are highly dynamic and perfectly configured for other components in the item Automation System such as Gearboxes and Drive Sets. Colour-coded plug-in connectors and matching item Power and Data Cables ensure the Motor is reliably connected to its Controller without any errors. 

Integrating new components

The new products from item complete a fully comprehensive system that gets automation solutions up and running much faster. The updated software tools item MotionDesigner® and item MotionSoft® have been configured for the new components and help this process run smoothly. This means operators can opt for servomotors with absolute encoders during planning and use additional motion profiles and a simplified range of accessories to configure their linear units in just a few minutes using item MotionDesigner®. Furthermore, because item MotionSoft® subsequently adopts all data from item MotionDesigner®, there is often no need for additional programming. The ideal controller settings are determined automatically and the zero point is precisely defined during set-up. As a result, customers benefit from an enhanced system start-up. 

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Date: 19 June 2018

Image 1: The new servomotors from item featuring absolute encoders help create smart linear solutions.

Image 2:Thanks to additional motion profiles and a simplified range of accessories, operators can configure Linear Units in a matter of minutes using item MotionDesigner®.

Image 3:item offers a coordinated end-to-end system for getting automation solutions up and running much faster.

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