Expanding the Lean Production Building Kit System – Optimising lean processes with the help of new item components

The Lean Production Building Kit System from item contains numerous components for fast, sophisticated and solution-oriented factory equipment engineering. Mechanical automation without drives, electricity or compressed air leads to efficient processes using gravity. In these Karakuri/LCA applications, item roller conveyors are frequently used in combination with hatches and lifts to move goods from their starting place to their destination. This motion can be brought to a gentle halt with the help of new Shock Absorber D30-110 15, adjustable. This ensures a smooth transition from one automation step to the next, which is gentle on components while also reducing the strain on frames and racks. The damping action of the oil-filled Shock Absorber can be adjusted with a screwdriver – even after it has been fitted to the frame. The maximum damping travel is 15 mm. Rotary Latch System D9, 5-120×30 provides a strong hold for hatches and lifts in Karakuri/LCA applications. Even when under strain, the unlocking mechanism of the latch, which is operated via an integrated level with eyelet, works with impressive precision. This makes it easy to load and unload small load carriers in Karakuri/LCA applications, for example. The latch can then be locked again with ease. The mechanism is operated via Bowden cable components or other cable systems. By providing all the necessary screws and T-Slot Nuts and a mounting plate that can be used on both sides, item makes it easy to attach the latch and align it as required. The associated Latch Bolt Set D9, 5-22.5-M8 contains all the components for installation in a Line 8 groove. New Slide Strip 48×2, plain ESD offers optimum protection for goods being transported on roller conveyors. The Slide Strip simply clips onto the side of aluminium Guide Rails from item. The smooth, elastic plastic reduces friction between surfaces and thus prevents electrostatic charges from building up in the transported goods. The Strip is available in black and grey (without ESD protection).

All the new products in the lean production range can be found online at https://product.item24.de/en/products/product-catalogue/products/profile-tube-system-d30-1001544172/

Length:          3,272

Date:   22 January 2020

Photos:          3 (Source: item)

Caption 1: New Shock Absorber D30-110 15, adjustable brings the movement of hatches and lifts in automated processes to a gentle stop.

Caption 2: New Rotary Latch System D9, 5-120×30 provides a strong hold for hatches and lifts in Karakuri applications.

Caption 3: New Slide Strip D30 48×2, plain ESD clips onto the side of item aluminium Guide Rails and prevents the build-up of electrostatic charges in transported goods.

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