Design made quick and easy – with the Engineeringtool from item

Intelligent, efficient and reliable – the new Engineeringtool from item is intuitive to use and makes mechanical and factory equipment engineering tasks significantly easier. The software supports users with everything from 3D engineering and CAD design to installation guides, project documentation and even ordering their industrial systems and equipment online. The intelligent software doesn’t require any specialist knowledge and always chooses the optimum profile and appropriate fastening technology from components in the MB Building Kit System. By saving users a great deal of time and money, this digitalised engineering process significantly enhances efficiency.

The Engineeringtool from item provides end-to-end support for engineering and configuration tasks. Users can set to work immediately, without the need for extensive induction training or previous knowledge. The Engineeringtool covers all profiles from the MB Building Kit System, the associated fastening technology and corresponding floor elements and Caps. The intelligent software uses specially designed calculation tools and integrated filters to select and combine the individual components. In just a few seconds, the program always creates the optimum design variant, making engineering errors and complex manual calculations a thing of the past. 

Breaking down barriers with pioneering ideas

The Engineeringtool is item’s answer to digitalisation in mechanical engineering. Users can log into it from any PC with an Internet connection, without having to download any software. The Engineeringtool compiles all necessary drawings, installation guides and project documentation. Even online orders can be placed immediately via the tool. Fast, easy-to-use and error-free – the Engineeringtool gives users efficient support without the need for any costly additional software. 

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