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Digital engineering processes have firmly taken root in the mechanical engineering sector. For example, CAD data is now available to download across the board. It’s also getting easier and easier to create 3D designs using state-of-the-art software, and the amount of construction data being shared over the internet is on the rise. That said, all this progress also brings considerable risks. If outsiders can gain targeted access to a network, data can end up in the wrong hands. In the new white paper “Data security and data protection in mechanical engineering”, item, the market leader in industrial building kit systems, outlines specific protective measures for companies involved in digital engineering. For instance, it uses a checklist to demonstrate what companies need to be aware of when it comes to data security. 

As mechanical engineering becomes increasingly digitalised, data security and protection are becoming all the more important, with industrial espionage and cybercrime posing the greatest threats for companies. What solutions are available to keep these problems and risk factors to a minimum? Besides setting out suitable ways of implementing a security strategy, the item white paper also outlines typical weak points in security concepts. In the age of the digital revolution, increasing numbers of social network profiles are falling victim to illegal hacking. This is when cybercriminals make a targeted effort to access sensitive data and information, and is known as “social engineering”. Another tactic used by fraudsters is “spear phishing”, which utilises manipulated emails. What’s more, companies are often left susceptible to an attack as a result of work computers becoming infected with malware on USB sticks. The consequences of a successful cyberattack are extensive and usually unpredictable. In the worst-case scenario, a company can lose a significant amount of control or be left completely unable to take action. But how can companies make life as difficult as possible for their attackers? They need to implement systematic measures. This includes raising employee awareness, regularly updating company software and allocating and managing passwords and access data securely. On top of that, the item white paper also highlights the additional data protection options that can be harnessed by collaborating with external service providers. Readers are given the background knowledge they need to be able to assess offers and the measures set out in them.

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Date: 8 February 2019

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Caption 1: Industrial espionage and cybercrime are the greatest threats facing companies in the age of the digital revolution.

Caption 2: Growing numbers of social network profiles are being illegally hacked. Cybercriminals carefully target their efforts to access sensitive data and information.

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