Clamp Lever Pi ensures a secure hold

item expands the MB Building Kit System

The new Clamp Lever Pi is the perfect solution for fixing in place machine parts in no time, and then releasing them again just as fast. This new addition to the design award-winning range of item operating elements plays an important part in improving the way fastening elements such as slide guides and angle locking brackets are used. Clamp Lever Pi comes in diverse designs with grips in various sizes and female or male threads in different lengths. item has launched Adapter M45 too – a new accessory in the MB Building Kit System that enables users to install control circuit devices without having to use any tools.

It doesn’t take much effort to actuate Clamp Lever Pi. What’s more, the grip and insert can be easily separated at the touch of a button, allowing users to position the grip however they wish, as they would a socket wrench – and thanks to this straightforward release mechanism, the lever is ideal for use in tight spaces, too. As is the case for all the other Pi elements from item, which have earned the German Design Award Gold, Clamp Lever Pi has been created with ergonomics in mind and boasts a grip-friendly shape and a high-quality design. The red colouring of the pushbutton and Cap makes them stand out visually from the rest of the operating element. Clamp Lever Pi comes in grip lengths of 50 and 60 mm and with either a male or female thread in various lengths. These different design options ensure the solution is suitable for a whole host of applications.

No tools needed to install switches and buttons

item has also released Adapter M45 for installing control circuit devices into work benches, Installation Columns and machines, allowing Emergency Stop Buttons and Selector Switches with a diameter of 22 mm to be fitted without needing any tools. This new adapter comes in white, dark grey or yellow, and can be coupled with different coloured pushbuttons, a rotatable Selector Switch and Emergency Stop Buttons to create customised designs. By combining Adapter M45 and Mounting Clamp, users can create modular solutions that are compatible with other control circuit devices with a diameter of 22 mm. The wired Contact Blocks are located at the rear, with cables running safely and securely through the aluminium cable conduit.

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As at: 7 November 2018

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Caption 1: Clamp Lever Pi from the item MB Building Kit System enables users to secure machine components in next to no time – and release them just as quickly.

Caption 2:Using the new Adapter M45, pushbuttons, Selector Switches and Emergency Stop Buttons with a diameter of 22 mm can be installed without needing any tools.

Caption 3:When combined, Adapter M45 and Mounting Clamp create modular solutions for Installation Columns, work benches and machines.

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