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Regional Sales Engineers

Here at Machine Building Systems we recognise that working with aluminium extrusion isn’t a straight forward business. That’s why we have a team of regional sales engineers on hand to help and advise you.

There are over 600 aluminium profiles in the Item range and many thousands of compatible parts. It’s important to understand how the products interact, and how to make best use of the services that we offer. That’s the best way to avoid wasting time and making costly mistakes.

We can explain why not all aluminium profiles are the same, and show you how to select the right accessories for each one. Our demonstration will show you how the different product lines work together, and explain best practices. You will also be able to see for yourself the quality of the Item product and the key design features in all Item aluminium profiles and accessories that make the Item system stand out.

We can demonstrate the several free design tools that are available from Item, showing you the many benefits to using them, and point out how to avoid common pitfalls.

If you have an upcoming project, we can also work with you to establish a comprehensive request for quotation. From this, our design team can come up with a working design and quotation for an assembly that covers all of your requirements. All of that with the minimum of fuss.

Contact us today and we will arrange for one of our regional sales engineers to come and visit you. Alternatively, we can organise a meeting at our Ripley factory. Once there, you will be able to see at first hand our facilities. You will be able to see how we set-up for the various machining operations that are required, and how much stock we hold. You will also be able to take a look at multiple examples in our display room, as well as around the workshop.

Sales Engineers:

North & Scotland
Hamzah Yate | 07766 720651 | hamzah.yate@mbsitem.co.uk

North West
Nikhil Chougule | 07970 797091 | nikhil.chougule@mbsitem.co.uk

North East
Luke Taylor-Ward | 07976 649302 | luke.taylor-ward@mbsitem.co.uk

East Midlands
Ihtishaam Majid | 07468 862806 | ihtishaam.majid@mbsitem.co.uk

Marcin Kotowski | 07766 728905 | marcin.kotowski@mbsitem.co.uk

Albion Tafili | 07973 816494 | albion.tafili@mbsitem.co.uk

South West
Saif Zabaneh | 07971 079215 | saif.zabaneh@mbsitem.co.uk

South East
Shayful Islam | 07967 213569 | shayful.islam@mbsitem.co.uk