Added comfort and reduced strain – the keys to boosting employee performance at the work bench. The ergonomically designed Chair from item provides noticeable relief from the stresses and strains associated with processes in production operations, workshops and laboratories.

Back pain, particularly in the case of seated activities, is among the most common complaints and causes of illness-related downtime. Unsuitable seating exacerbates the consequences of poor work bench design caused by the inefficient provision and positioning of tools and workpieces.

Ergonomics and design – item Chairs satisfy the stringent requirements that cutting-edge industrial environments place on work bench systems. Thanks to a broad range of adjustment options, they can be adapted to the individual needs of personnel and their timeless design makes them ideally suited to any professional environment.

Free movement of the arms and shoulders and alternation between various working postures promote active sitting, which helps to evenly distribute loading and strain over the entire musculoskeletal system. If required, adjustable arm rests can be used to provide support when carrying out precision activities, thereby preventing premature fatigue.

Designed for industrial use, these Chairs are extremely durable, even when exposed to harsh conditions, and are exceptionally stable under shifting loads. The materials used are resistant to lubricants, aggressive dusts, cleaning agents and flying sparks.

Arm Rests, PP


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Arm Rests, PP, ESD


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Chair, High-Level, PU


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Chair, High-Level, PU, ESD


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Chair, Low-Level, PU


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Chair, Low-Level, PU, ESD


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Foot Rest 450×400 ESD


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