Free Design Service

For those with less experience, or less time, the free MBS design service is the best in the business. Fax or email your drawing or sketch, and we will produce a design using the most appropriate Item components. We have a team of project engineers dedicated to designing with the Item MB System. This means that you can be sure that you are getting a quality solution that works. There are a number of alternative options if any particular design doesn’t suit you.

Dedicated Project Engineers

Machine Building Systems have a team of project engineers designing  with the Item system full time. This provides our customers with a great deal of experience where it matters whilst they can concentrate on aspects of design where they have specialist knowledge.

CAD Drawings

Using bespoke Item design software, our engineers can create designs quickly whilst simultaneously generating parts list information. This promotes accuracy of parts list information for assembly and quotation purposes. This enables us to produce CAD drawings for our designs without slowing down the quotation process.

Quick Quote Turn Around

Our focused approach and use of time saving software means that we can produce quotations quickly without a detrimental effect on the quality of design.

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